New Products


New Product 1


Chemical Fiber Masterbatch


Type of PP Series Product

PP Non Woven Cloth Masterbatch

PP Meltblown Masterbatch

PP Spunbonded Monwovens Masterbatch

PP SMS Non Woven Masterbatch

PP Long Filament Masterbatch

PP Short Filament Masterbatch

PP BCF Masterbatch

PP FDY Masterbatch

PP High Tenacity Yarn Masterbatch

PP Elastic Yarn Masterbatch

PP Monofilament Masterbatch

PP Air-Jet Texturing Filament Masterbatch

PP Backing Fabric Masterbatch

All kinds of PP Masterbatch

Type of PET Series Product

Polyester BCF Masterbatch

Polyester FDY Masterbatch

Polyester PDY Masterbatch

Polyester DTY Masterbatch

Polyester Long Filament Masterbatch

Polyester Short Filament Masterbatch

Polyester Non Woven Cloth Masterbatch

All kinds of PET Masterbatch

Type of PA Series Product

Polyamide BCF Masterbatch

Polyamide FDY Masterbatch


New Product 2

PLA Masterbatch

PLA has no pollution in the production process, can be biodegraded, realize the cycle in nature, has good biocompatibility, is an ideal green polymer material.With the gradual maturity of PLA fiber polymerization process, It's considered as one of the most promising 'Green Initiative' fibers.PLA can be used in extrusion and injection and other applications.



New Product 3

Biodegradable Filler Masterbatch

It's a natural green environmental protection inorganic filler as the main raw material,BM-1 (transparent agent), BM-2 (general type), biodegradable resin PAL,PBAL, etc. have good compatibility, decomposition and processing performance, (suitable for blowing film, injection molding, extrusion sheet, etc.), can effectively reduce the cost.


PLA Flexibilizer 9930LA

PLA Flexibilizer 9930LA is mainly uesd in PLA industry to improve low temperature ductility and impact strength,making it the resin of choice as an impact modifier.PLA Flexibilizer 9930LA is perfectly compatible with PLA.and also shows very good mechnical properties & keep good calrity in formulation.

STORAGE:PLA Flexibilizer 9930LA is delivered in 25kg bags on pallets.During the storage time,the material must be kept out of moisture in an aerated building.

SUGGESTION FOR USE :Typical use levels range from 2% to 6% by weight.Blends of 9930LA impact modifier PLA can be processed in the same equipment and under the same processing conditions recommended for PLA.






Test Method


Transparent pellet






ISO 1183

Melt Index(based resin)



ASTM D 1238